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Abstract This study was aimed at developing an exclusive nanocomposite membrane with improved properties for salt removal using low-cost, biocompatible SiC nanoparticles. These nanoparticles were functionalized using APDEMS to make them more dispersible in polymer matrix. The membranes were synthesized after blending different weight% of nanoparticles 0.5 to 2 with… [...]

Abstract Chemical recycling of is one of the promising ways for waste plastics disposal. In this work, the kinetics and reaction mechanism of polyolefins pyrolysis was studied in detail by sectional heating process. Thermal degradation properties were analyzed by thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) and pyrolysis reactor. The overall kinetic of… [...]

Abstract Fouling is challenging for the industrial implementation of continuous emulsion polymerisations. A requirement for the development of successful anti-fouling concepts is an in-depth understanding of the processes involved in fouling and the knowledge of the main influencing factors. In this work, an experiment-based strategy was developed for the quantification… [...]

Abstract The present article represents a one pot indigenous method of block copolymer synthesis free radically via sequential addition of monomers. Emphasizing the fact of sequential addition of monomers to form di-block and triblock copolymers of styrene(S) and n-butyl acrylate (B), have been attempted using, cis-1,1- diphenylethylene (DPE) as end… [...]

Abstract Aiming at developing a non-antimony synergistic agent of BFR and improving the high heat and smoke release of BFR due to its gaseous phase flame retardant mechanism, CeHPP was synthesized through hydrothermal reflux method and introduced into PC/DBDPO through melt blending. The morphology, chemical structure and thermal stability of… [...]

Abstract A great many of important physical/chemical properties, containing thermal behavior and dynamic properties, are determined by polymer chain conformations. However, the cognition of how nanofillers impact polymer chains is still immature, especially for ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with extremely long molecular chains. Hence, cylindrical multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and lamellar… [...]

Abstract A simple and convenient non-isocyanate route is described to synthesize strong aliphatic crosslinked polyureas (cPUreas). A ring-opening reaction of mixed diamines with ethylene carbonate was carried out at 100 °C, and a transurethane polycondensation was followed at 170 °C, with different amino terminated polyurea oligomers (H2N-o-PUrea-NH2s) prepared. cPUreas were… [...]

Abstract A novel and facile continuous flow photopolymerization of Pickering emulsion procedure to fabricate nanoporous composite microspheres was induced. Palygorskite (PAL) fibers were chosen as stabilizers in oil phase system that containing of Methyl methacrylate (MMA), (ethylene glycol) diacrylate (EGDMA), Irgacure 819 (I 819, photoinitiator) and toluene (porogenic agent). The… [...]

Abstract Core-shell nanofibers consisted of chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol as shell and TiO2/Ag nanoparticles as core (abbreviated as (TiO2@AgNPs)@(CS/PVA)) are synthesized by electrospinning method for improving the functional properties of the epoxy polymer coatings. The agglomeration of the core-shell network is prevented through fabrication on carbon steel surface. Meanwhile, the presence of… [...]

Abstract Biomass-derivative materials are one of the answers to substitute materials from finite sources in the coming decades. Thus, the present paper demonstrates the syntheses of new polymers based on epoxidized Baru oil and fumaric acid by photopolymerization, which were investigated by incorporating different proportions of urethane dimethacrylate using ultraviolet… [...]

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